Gift Guide:

Marianne McDonald



Creative Director of Citizens of Humanity, Marianne has discerning style and a keen eye for style. Two qualities that make her an excellent gift giver. Here's what she's gifting this season.



Marianne's Suggestions

"I’ve been wanting to try the Janessa Leoné Corbin hat. Janessa’s hat have such beautiful shape and texture. My friends were actually talking about Janessa’s hats the other day at dinner and everyone was excited that they are now available on our marketplace."

"Trying to figure out what new denim silhouette to try can sometimes be overwhelming. Our Marlee, with its high rise and away from the body fit, feels modern and chic. I love the way this style looks when paired with a ribbed turtleneck sweater and boots."

"I just had the opportunity to chat with Sara Panton about the way she approaches scent and one of the scents she mentioned was her night cap blend. When she described its festive but relaxed characteristics, I couldn’t help but want this scent wafting in my home"

"I currently use the Zahra face oil and can’t get enough of its beautiful, subtle warm floral scent and the incredible glow this face oil imparts on my dry, sensitive skin."

"Finding the perfect knit top is something that doesn’t come easy. I love the Vivi Mock Neck Top in Black because of its puff sleeve detailing and the sophisticated neckline make it feel feminine."

"Appointed makes the absolute best notebooks. When in a meeting or creating a to-do list, I feel instantly more organized. The paper quality and the color and texture of the cover are sophisticated and chic."

"Holiday shopping is just beginning for my family and when thinking of the perfect gift for some of my friends with children, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards the Sesame Street masks. Cookie monster always feels relevant and my children have the hardest time choosing between Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird. I really love that these masks fit so well over the face and can hang around the neck, making it easy to wear and stay safe."