Stylist Djuna Bel has mastered the art of pairing pieces with those that make them shine. Whether she’s dressing herself or her clients, her key to the perfect look is confidence. Take a peek inside her well-dressed world, now on our Style Guide.

How did you first get into styling?
I was working as a model in New York and didn’t even realize styling was a job. I was lucky enough to meet a few stylists who took me under their wings and taught me the ropes.
When working with clients, I would assume you have to take into account who you are styling for? How do you help someone put their look together but still be them?
Oh, absolutely. When I’m styling for someone else I am not shopping or pulling for me. I’m thinking about their body and what makes them feel good and how to make them shine.
How do you balance work life with being a mother and wife?
Oof, if only I had that answer. I just try to be present and give my all at all times.

Rumor is you own a leather jacket once owned by Jimi Hendrix? How does one acquire something like that?
My mom’s friend moved to New York from Amsterdam in the 70s with her then husband. She was working as a tailor for a company who took fabric from the 20s-50s and made patchwork dresses. They would just search through rag houses and throw things together. One day she found a perfect 1940s or 50s leather jacket (most likely for a teenage child) and snuck it home with her. Her husband was
working as a photographer and did some work with Jimmy Hendrix. One day she visited him on set while wearing the jacket and he begged her for it. She wouldn’t hand it over - but she did let him borrow it. So, I guess I embellished - I own a jacket that was BORROWED by Hendrix.

Style or good style is in the eye of the beholder – but what does that mean to you? how do you define that idea?
Honestly, I think style is just confidence. Two people can wear the same item but when they’re really feeling themselves in it - it changes the whole look. Confidence is really the key.
What are some of your favorite Citizen’s pieces of the season? Also, any callouts for your Citizens staples? The styles you trust and go back to.
I just love a classic high-rise vintage looking denim. The Annina is also great and classic.