Basket Bag
In Black



The Australian handbag line works consciously and slowly, ensuring high quality, sustainably sourced materials and products remain as number one priority. Each of our Basket Bags are hand-woven in Ghana, and we are committed to ethical and sustainable making processes. The art of this basket weaving is handed down through generations in the villages of Northern Ghana, and we are committed to supporting and respecting the artisans, their culture and their practices. We believe in longevity and considered choice for our products, offering them to be loved and kept for many years, staying away from trends and the waste of throwaway products.


All of our baskets are individually hand woven by creative artisans in Ghana.

The art of basket weaving is a hereditary profession handed down from one generation to the next. 

The raw material “elephant grass” grows abundantly in the low-lying flood plains around Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. It is a 100% sustainable natural material. The grass is harvested, dried and finally boiled to dye. The weavers split each length into two then roll it to give it more strength. 

Each bag comes flat packed with instructions to sculpt into shape.

We offer free ground shipping and free returns on all US orders (excluding masks and certain t-shirts, as noted). Please allow up to 48 hours from the time of placing your order for it to be shipped.

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