Style Guide - Davide Baroncini


For Davide Baroncini, it all comes down to authenticity. It’s the secret behind his effortlessly good style and the success
of his newly founded brand, Ghiaia.

With so many brands competing for space what sets Ghiaia Cashmere knits apart?
My father was a mechanic, I watched him leaving the house every day at 5AM, he would fall asleep exhausted on a chair right after dinner, with his work jumpsuit still on, with his hands broken from the day. It’s this work ethic and dedication to craft
that I was raised on and I put into what I do. It’s an appreciation for simplicity and perfection that I am creating with Ghiaia.
What is the inspiration for this brand?
I spent the last 10 years of my life traveling and living all over around the world, every place left in me some inspiration, Milan, London, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Brooklyn, Pasadena. I believe that both Italy and America are a huge source of inspiration for me, my passion for cars, movies, the Paris Dakar, the sea...

How do you pronounce Ghiaia?
Good question, that was my first concern when Ghiaia came in my mind, so I put on the corner of our tags, GHE-I-YA.
And what does it mean?
“La Ghiaia” is a Mediterranean stone present on our beaches in Sicily. I like the texture and colors of it, I grew up with Ghiaia under my bare feet, it’s an element that I find very significant, in a sense it represents my roots.
You have dedicated your career to men’s style, what should every man have in his wardrobe?​
Whatever makes him feels confident walking in a room.

What is the difference between European fashion style and style in the states?
What can both learn from one another?
Style is style, I don’t believe in differences based in which country a person is from, I met men of style and taste all of over around the world. Both Italian and American history has classic and a casual taste and a strong identity. Style is personal, very deep, it’s not what you wear it’s more related to who you are.
What is good style to you? What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Good style to me must be authentic, it may change during the years and evolve. I love wearing simple things one morning, classic another. Dressy style makes me feel sexy; a denim, a white tee and a navy shawl cardigan makes me feel like Steve McQueen. I love also super sporty sometimes, I often wear my father-in-law's clothes. Coach Chuck Arrobio, he is a big inspiration for me, a legend –– a man’s man.
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