Style Guide - Alicia Joines

Alicia Joines

Director of Global Communications Alicia Joines is the epitome of the Citizen’s woman.
As a new mom and a longtime #modelcitizen, she knows the perfect way to style her favorite COH staples.  

What first piqued your interest in pursuing a career in fashion PR?

I interned for the president of a denim company and was exposed to so many areas of the business from design, production, fittings, sales and marketing. This opportunity led to my first job in PR for a premium denim company and it continued from there.
How did you end up here at Citizens?
After working both in-house and agency, I knew I wanted to go back to a brand and be an integral part of something — to see things through from start to finish. I’m grateful for the experience of both to ultimately learn what I do and do not love.
What are your responsibilities as the Global Communications Director for Citizens of Humanity?
I work on our global communications strategy for our brands and oversee our international PR teams who, after 9 years, feel much more like friends than colleagues. I communicate our brand visions whether it’s through social media, brand initiatives or press. My favorite part of what I get to do is build our brand partnerships, from retailers to other brands to charity partners – it’s incredibly rewarding.
As a new mom how are you balancing the load of a demanding professional and personal life? What has been most challenging?
I think I’m still trying to figure that out. My perspective absolutely changed after becoming a mom. The important stuff starts to rise to the top of your to do list and you have to learn to let go. No one is good at everything, all of the time. When I returned to work from maternity leave, a wise person (a mom of twins who is also our CEO)
told me to let go of the notion of balance and try to find harmony. That prioritizing motherhood, career and self doesn’t have to be a game of push and pull, but can work in concert – in harmony, with one another. I’ve taken this wisdom to heart and it’s guided me through this new season of life.


Describe your personal style? What are you most comfortable putting on? Has that changed since becoming a mom?

Classic and consistent. My style has stayed the same while being high on comfort and functionality. Since becoming a mom, I think I’ve taken myself and what I’m wearing a little less seriously. I don’t have as much time to think about my outfit choices, which in a way feels more natural, almost less fussy, than before.
You’re responsible for communicating the identity of Citizens, what is that identity? How would you describe Citizens of Humanity in your own words?
I think the beauty of Citizens is that it’s as inclusive as the name suggests. It describes you, me, your best friend, mother, brother, husband. All of us are citizens of humanity.
What are your go to fits? What are your trusted styles the one’s you replace over and over again? And why?​
I have too many jumpsuits to count. I have one from every season for as many seasons as we’ve been designing them. That’s a lot of jumpsuits! Yes, I love that they’re easy, but it’s more that you feel put together and that they’re completely versatile – my go-to for travel days when I commute from SF to LA.
What should every woman have in her closet?
A great fitting pair of jeans, a structured blazer and a jumpsuit!
What are some of your picks/favorite items from Spring?
The tops from this season are the best we’ve done yet. They’re feminine and flattering and when paired with a vintage-inspired pair of jeans, it’s the perfect balance of feminine meets masculine.

What personally fulfills you most about your job?​
I have personally always loved denim. I love that I get to work in this industry, but more than that, I work for a company that cares about its people, the community and the greater good -- that goes beyond making a great pair of jeans. Being able to work in an industry that I love while feeling good about the work and difference that we’re making is a beautiful thing.

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